Majestic Jomtien Condominium

Rental Conditions

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  • The rental price is including monthly maintenance.
  • The tenants agreed to pay all the cost of water and electric bills in completed.
  • The tenants agreed to pay the monthly rent in front.
  • The tenants agreed to pay one month deposit in front.
  • The owner agreed to refund paid deposit if there is no damage or unpaid bills. 
  • The tenants agreed to follow the rules admitted by the management of Majestic Condominium.
  • The tenants agreed to notice the owner before major construction or renovation in the condominium  and in case of damage caused by construction work, the tenant takes full responsibility.
  • The tenants agreed that it is not allowed to lease-or rent out the rental space to others but him/herself.
  • The tenants is responsible to keep the rental space clean.
  • The tenants agree to pay all damage caused by tenants while he/she is renting the room.