Majestic Jomtien Condominium

Welcome to Majestic HotSpot

You get a Free access code when you check in If you are renting through Welcome Properties.

Internet Service

How to login at Majestic HotSpot.

 1). Connect your WIFI to the strongest Majestic HotSpot access point nearby (e.g. Majestic HotSpot 1).

2). If you are connected open your browser (e.g. Google).

3). Your login screen must now showing up, if you not see your login screen,

Go to in your browser.
4). Fill in your personal code at the login screen.
5). Click on “connect to the internet”.

Your code is personal, if you get message “code already in use” means that you shared your
code with somebody, or you are already logged in with another device.
(Max 2 users simultaneously) You can log in/out at
Majestic HotSpot is not available in all rooms, please check in your room the connection
before you decide to buy a prepaid card. (Prepaid cards are non refundable).

For Non Customers are Prepaid cards for sale in the restaurant at the Majestic.
One month, 2 users simultaneously connected cost 500 THB.
Download speed is approximately 20MB. Torrents are allowed, no data limit.
Prepaid Card is valid for 30 days and start counting after first login.

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